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Supply & fit of all brands of new tyres
We supply only new tyres from low cost budget tyres up to all the premiums brand tyres. We can advise on the best tyres to suit your budget and your driving requirements. Prestige Tyres Oldham have access to a number of national tyre wholesalers live time stock and pricing getting you the best price possible.

Laser Wheel Alignment Tracking
Prestige Tyres are one of the few mobile tyre services who offer state of the art laser wheel alignment tracking of your vehicle. Quite often we find that tyres require replacing because they are worn out on one side, whilst still having lots of tread on the vast majority of the tyre. The ideal time to have this service carried out is when your vehicle is having new tyres fitted. The small cost of the service far outweighs the money you will save on extending the tyre life giving thousands of miles more driving before replacement tyres are required. Correct wheel alignment also gives you a massive saving on fuel consumption when a vehicles tracking is set up correctly.

Locking Wheel Nut Removal Service
The vast majority of vehicles today are fitted with an added security feature on each wheel of your vehicle. One wheel nut will usually be different than the others and you will require a locking wheel nut removal tool, which comes with your vehicle. This can usually be found in with the spare wheel or in a small plastic box along with a set of spare wheel nuts. Unfortunately there are occasions when you cannot find or have never had the tool from when you purchased your vehicle. We carry a specialised kit for this very problem so if you are unable to find the locking wheel nut removal tool do not despair we can over come you problem.


Approved Suppliers of Tyron Bands
Tyron Bands have been used for many years on emergency vehicles and many military vehicles. They are also used on caravans and motor homes. The purpose of a Tyron Band is to prevent the tyre coming off the wheel rim when a vehicle suffers a blow out usually at high speed. This prevents loss of control to the vehicle or for a caravan preventing it from flipping over and destroying the van. With a Tyron band fitted on each wheel inside the tyre clamped around the wheel well should a blow out occur then there is no possibility that the tyre will come off the rim and it will allow the driver to bring the vehicle under control much easier and then be able to drive a short distance to a place of safety for instance allow you to drive to the next exit of a motorway. Many insurance companies give significant savings on caravans fitted with Tyron Bands, which means that they can actually pay for themselves in the first years reduction in premium whilst also giving you peace of mind that you vehicle or caravan is fitted with the best safety feature on the market.

Free Tyre Clinics
The vast majority of people know very little about tyres and tyre maintenance as they are really never actually made aware nor does the government supply any public information to the many millions of car owner in this country. Prestige Tyres can offer a free tyre clinic service usually at people's place of work where we can inspect any vehicles whose owner wishes to take advantage of this free service. Should anyone be interested in this free services and can get 10 or more vehicle owners to participate then please give us a ring and we can arrange suitable time and date to provide this free service to anyone who is interested or wishes to find out more details please call us on - 07919 045 912

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